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Thursday, 26 May 2011

'18' The Magic Number

Number 18. Does this number have any significance ? Well, as per numerologists, number 9 is thought to be one of the auspicious numbers and if you add 1 and 8 you get there. As the major football leagues across the world are preparing to crown champions for season 2010-11, I felt the significance of number 18 soon after last weekend’s football actions.
18 League titles was a record once held by Liverpool for years and last year Manchester United equaled that feat. And this year, with the 19th title just a formality Red Devils are going to bury the Merseysiders pride once used to taunt King Cantona, ‘Come back when you’ve won 18’. None other than Sir Alex Ferguson will be happier to overtake Liverpool for the number of League tiles won and now he can proclaim Manchester United as the most successful football club in England, domestically. In the European front, Liverpool still dwarfs United with 5 titles. But Sir Alex would be well aware that May 28, 2011 will present him with another turn on the screw to craft United’s fourth European title. United supporters along with Alex Ferguson will be thrilled to triumph at Wembley; but look, who awaits you in the final…..wonder in boots, Barcelona FC.
In Italian Serie A, against AS Roma at Stadio Olimpico, A.C. Milan managed a goalless draw which wrapped up the Serie A title with two weeks to spare. Scudetto number 18 for A.C. Milan ! The significance of the number doesn’t end there; city rivals Inter Milan have won the last five scudettos and are tied with A.C. Milan with 18 titles each. Only Juventus have won more than Inter and A.C. Milan; a record of 27 times. Yet again, adding 2 and 7 gives you the magical number 9 ! Last year, Inter fans humiliated Il Diavolo fans by chanting about their 18th title, while celebrating the Treble under successful stewardship of Jose Mourinho. By regaining the scudetto, A.C. Milan not only ended the seven year trophy draught but matched Nerazzurri’s 18 titles.
‘Del Piero e la Juventus, 18 anni d'amore’ is the statement read in the home page of the official website of Bianconeri which simply translates to "Del Piero and Juventus, 18 years of love". 1993-2011. Victory after victory, goal after goal, emotion after emotion. The bond that unites Juventus and their captain is stronger than ever…..comments continues as Del Piero signed contract extension for another year which will keep him bonded to his ‘only’ professional club, Juventus. Entering to his 19th season he carries the records for most appearances, 674 and most goals, 283 in the revered Black and White jersey. ‘Symbol’, ‘Captain, and ‘Juventino’ are the three words used by the supporters to describe their beloved number 10.
In Spanish Primera División, Barcelona needs only one point from their remaining three games to be crowned as champions for 21st time against Real Madrid’s 31 titles. But, have you noted the player in the driving seat for Zarra Trophy awarded to the Spanish domestic player with highest goals in La Liga ?  And, number of goals to his credit till today ? While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the leading scorers, but, both being non-Spanish, David Villa is the front runner. 18 goals !
As per Astro-Numerology, if you are related to number 9, in other words 1 plus 8, they are born fighters and even though faced by adversity, they emerge victorious in the end because of their mental strength, determination and courage. Red confers luck on them.
Surprisingly, both Manchester United and A.C. Milan pursued this year’s Premier League and Serie A title with determination and courage, and emerged victorious facing adverse situations. Add to that United is known as Red Devils and A.C. Milan as Rossoneri (Red and Blacks).
Now look at how Iván Zamorano, retired Chilean striker, was obsessed with his jersey number. Zamorano was wearing the famous number 9 shirt in his initial season at Inter Milan. Then Inter signed Roberto Baggio and Ronaldo was forced to give up his number 10 jersey and started wearing number 9. What Zamorano did after losing his number 9 to Ronaldo was hilarious. He wore number 18 with a plus symbol between the two digits thus making him still technically a number 9 !
Now, don’t you think number 18 is magical…..? J

9th May, 2011
The day after United beat Chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford
United 1 point away from 19th League title

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